Since 1994, AO Medintorg has provided a full range of services in registration and distribution of pharmaceutical products and immunobiological drugs.

AO Medintorg has established itself as a trusted leader in a number of specialist industries:

  • statutory registration of drugs in Russia and the CIS member states;
  • organization of clinical trials;
  • supply of institutional drugs administered in psychiatry, neurology, cardio surgery, transplantology, gynecology, and in vitro fertilization;
  • supply of immunobiological and anti-tuberculosis medications;
  • comprehensive support to burns wards under the Combustio.RU (ex «Burn Surgeon’s Portfolio») project;
  • active promotion and supplies of clinical nutrition, low-protein foods and amino acid mixes for impaired metabolism patients (phenylketonuria, celiac disease, etc.)

AO Medintorg is actively involved in pharmaceutical tenders that award contracts on both national and regional levels.

The Company’s annual turnover exceeds US$ 100 million. Despite the global financial crisis, our growth rate has been more than 107% in the recent 5 years.

According to the Pharmexpert Market Research Center, AO Medintorg is on the list of the top 20 largest businesses on the pharmaceutical market. Our quality management system complies with the International Standard ISO 9000:2008

In April 2024 АО Medintorg celebrates 30th anniversary

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