Among the projects of greatest social significance, AO Medintorg is pleased to mention its activities related to medicinal and nutritive support to patients with rare (orphan) diseases. One of these diseases is phenylketonuria, also known as the Felling disease. Phenylketonuria mainly affects the nervous system and is manifest as psychomotor retardation, progressive dementia, motor and muscular tone disorder. The disease is caused by a failure of vital ferment phenylalanine that ensures normal development of the central nervous system. In Russia today, none of the forms of phenylketonuria is treated with medications. The only therapy that can forestall grave symptoms of the disease is a phenylalanine-free diet. Since 2007, AO Medintorg has closely cooperated with international and Russian makers of therapeutic nutrition. Thanks to its two-way relationship with the Science Centers of Child Health of the Russian Academy of Sciences, National Institute of Pediatrics and Child Surgery, Russian Medical Academy’s Institute of Nutrition, regional Medical Genetic Services, and experts in healthcare agencies, AO Medintorg participates in development and active marketing of new products in Russia and the former Soviet Union.

We are also guided by the opinions of our patients whose registry we have kept for years. Only close interaction with parents of children and adolescent patients can help us understand their true needs and allow us to make timely adjustments to the amino acid mix and expand the product range.

Today, free access to clinical nutrition is legislated as the statutory right of children under 14 years of age. AO Medintorg is actively involved in national and regional auctions that award contracts to supply clinical nutrition for Russian Federal Regions, and in tenders held throughout the former Soviet Union.

With a network of its pharmacies, close relations with distributors and web-retailers both in Moscow and in Russian regions, AO Medintorg sells amino acid mixes, clinical nutrition and medications for children and adults who suffer from rare diseases and need products of special formulation.

Promo website: Lechebnoe-Pitanie.RUo

Pseudovac vaccine promo website

Pseudovac is a unique polyvalent vaccine used for prevention and treatment of Pseudomonas aeruginosa blue pus infection. Pseudovac is prescribed as both a preventive and therapeutic drug to create active resistance against infection and to reduce the risk of bacteremia and sepsis in infections caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
Complete descriptions, papers and clinical trials are available at the promo website of the drug: pseudovac.ru

Fluvaxin vaccine promo website

The winter season and first cold spells can lower resistance and cause catarrh and virus diseases. Just one employee feeling unwell can trigger a chain of consequences for your business: not only is their performance reduced, but they endanger all those around them! So how can your employees stay well throughout the year? Enter Fluvaxin: highly effective influenza prevention and total safety at minimum cost.
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Akineton promo website

The Parkinson syndrome (Parkinson disease) is a group of chronic neurodegenerative disease that feature progressive destruction and loss of dopamine neuron in the central nervous system. In 1817, in his “An Essay on the Shaking Palsy”, James Parkinson was first to provide detailed examination of the disease later called after his name. Akineton (INN Biperiden) is included in the standard list of drugs for treatment of the Parkinson disease, and the Federal Medical Manual for administration of drugs.
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Combustio.Ru project (ex «Burn Surgeon’s Portfolio»)

The purpose of the project Combustio.Ru (ex «Burn Surgeon’s Portfolio») is to provide comprehensive supplies to burns wards with dressing materials, drugs, enteral and parenteral nutrition, instruments, and equipment.
Project site: combustio.ru

Anemiya.info Information Portal

What causes cracks at the corner of your lips?
Why does hair split and fall out? What makes fingernails fragile and weak?
How do we detect shortage of iron in the bodies system?
Our project about the problems of iron shortage articulate in a simple and humorous way about the complex science behind these conditions/
Questions are answered and a free questionnaire test on anemia is available at anemiya.info portal.

Provag promo website

According to WHO, 78% of all women have dysfunctional vaginal micro flora known as vaginal dysbacteriosis (disbiosis). The disease can be caused by numerous factors, but the result is always the same: health problems, discomfort, loss of self confidence and therefore depression sets in which can act as a root for other more serious illnesses. Provag is a peroral probiotic used to treat and prevent vaginal dysbacteriosis. Clinical trials and useful articles are available on the drug’s promo website: provag.ru