Since 1994, AO Medintorg has provided a full range of services in registration and distribution of pharmaceutical products and immunobiological drugs.

AO Medintorg has established itself as a trusted leader in a number of specialist industries:

  • statutory registration of drugs in Russia and the CIS member states;
  • organization of clinical trials;
  • supply of institutional drugs administered in psychiatry, neurology, cardio surgery, transplantology, gynecology, and in vitro fertilization;
  • supply of immunobiological and anti-tuberculosis medications;
  • comprehensive support to burns wards under the Combustio.RU (ex «Burn Surgeon’s Portfolio») project;
  • active promotion and supplies of clinical nutrition, low-protein foods and amino acid mixes for impaired metabolism patients (phenylketonuria, celiac disease, etc.)

Among the projects of greatest social significance, AO Medintorg is pleased to mention its activities related to medicinal and nutritive support to patients with rare (orphan) diseases. One of these diseases is phenylketonuria, also known as PKU or the Felling disease. In Russia today, none of the forms of phenylketonuria is treated with medications. The only therapy that can forestall grave symptoms of the disease is a phenylalanine-free diet.

Since 2007, AO Medintorg has closely cooperated with international and Russian makers of therapeutic nutrition.

Thanks to its two-way relationship with the Science Centers of Child Health of the Russian Academy of Sciences, National Institute of Pediatrics and Child Surgery, Russian Medical Academy’s Institute of Nutrition, regional Medical Genetic Services, and experts in healthcare agencies, AO Medintorg participates in development and active marketing of new products in Russia and the former Soviet Union.

We are also guided by the opinions of our patients whose registry we have kept for years. Only close interaction with parents of children and adolescent patients can help us understand their true needs and allow us to make timely adjustments to the amino acid mix and expand the product range.

Today, free access to clinical nutrition is legislated as the statutory right of children under 14 years of age. AO Medintorg is actively involved in national and regional auctions that award contracts to supply clinical nutrition for Russian Federal Regions, and in tenders held throughout the former Soviet Union.

With a network of its pharmacies, close relations with distributors and web-retailers both in Moscow and in Russian regions, AO Medintorg sells amino acid mixes, clinical nutrition and medications for children and adults who suffer from rare diseases and need products of special formulation.

The Company employs 150 staff, with its headquarters in Moscow and representatives in all major Russian cities.

As it operates warehouses equipped with refrigeration chambers, and special-purpose vehicles, the Company is able to comply with all the regulated conditions to support the temperature modes that are required for the handling of thermolabile drugs.

The warehouses used by AO Medintorg have been certified by the Russian Federal Healthcare Ministry as well as major international manufacturers of medical drugs. Out quality management system complies with the International Standard ISO 9000:2008

The Company has about 50 medical drugs (including immunobiological drugs) at all times going through the process of statutory registration both in Russia and the CIS member states. This along with the professional skills and experience of our employees helps us organize and monitor clinical trials of medical drugs for GCP standard compliance.

AO Medintorg works in strategic partnership with more than 100 major Russian and foreign manufacturers with more than 2,000 clients transacting with the Company throughout the entire Russian territory and the CIS member states.

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AO Medintorg is actively involved in pharmaceutical tenders that award contracts on both national and regional levels. The Company’s annual turnover exceeds US$ 100 million. Despite the global financial crisis, our growth rate has been more than 107% in the recent 5 years.

According to the Pharmexpert Market Research Center, AO Medintorg is on the list of the top 20 largest businesses on the pharmaceutical market.

Since 2003, the Company has operated a new business growth department, whose functions include research on international and national pharmaceutical markets and the search for new high-tech products. We cooperate closely with pharmaceutical leaders in the promotion of advanced drugs, and we implement our proprietary products, with a special focus on websites and portals on medical issues, such as urology, gynecology, neurology, gastroenterology, cardiology, immunobiology, etc.

We are open for cooperation and developing mutual business partnerships!

The advantages of cooperation with AO Medintorg include:

  • intensive marketing support;
  • trusted relationships with our buyers and suppliers;
  • credit lines and discount patterns for our patrons;
  • great offers in package supply of medical equipment, instruments and consumables.

Our Company’s successful business activities have been confirmed with numerous awards.

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