ERBILITE is professional laser lancet, the only one alternative to metal needles and lancets available today. The laser energy used by the ERBILITE has unique properties that produce a small hole without heating collateral tissue or cauterizing the delicate capillary vessels.

ERBILITE is based upon the use of a single pulse of laser light which ablates a tiny hole through the upper layers of the skin. This exposes the capillary blood vessels so that a blood sample can be taken and used with conventional analysis equipment. The use of laser light, as opposed to stainless steel, reduces tissue trauma and eliminates medical sharps as a potential source of cross contamination.

Many of my patients experienced less immediate and residual pain using the ERBILITE and the patients’ fingers appeared to heal faster. The ERBILITE is less invasive than the steel lancet and does not create sharp medical waste.

  • absolute sterility, exclusion of «medical negligence»
  • much less painful
  • financial benefits compared to metal lancets
  • microchannel healing is much faster
  • convenient and easy-to-use
  • requires no training
  • does not require protective goggles
Project manager:
Violetta Saletskaya
+7 495 921-25-15 ext. 225
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