Livolin Forte – the liver protector. PC (Phosphatidylcholine) in Livolin Forte maintains the structural and functional integrity of the cell membrane. Replenishment of PC in cases of liver damage helps in regeneration of liver cells. Various B group vitamins provide the nourishment and help to support healthy liver function. Livolin Forte helps to protect the liver from viral, alcoholic and drug induced liver damage.

Each Livolin Forte capsule contains:
Essential phospholipids
Providing Phosphatidyl Choline 300 mg
Vitamin B1: 10mg
Vitamin B2: 6mg
Vitamin B12: 10mcg
Nicotinamide: 30mg
Vitamin E: 10mg


1 capsule twice or 3 times daily

Project manager:
Vitaly Rogov
+7 495 921-25-15 ext. 312
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